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All about 1st Burgess Hill Scout Group
1st Burgess Hill Scout Group is one of 4 Scout groups in Burgess Hill. Although its headquarters are accessed from Station Road, it is the building that you see on the right hand side of Queen Elizabeth Avenue as you head into town. The group has two Beaver colonies, two Cub packs and two Scout troops, each of the sections meeting on a Monday or a Thursday evening. The building is also home to Glacier Explorer Scouts, one of the District Explorer units.
The group joined the Amazon Smile scheme in July 2018 with 26 people signed up. In that time we have raised over £150 £193, at no cost to any of the group members who signed up – all that was needed was to register with Amazon Smile and go through the link. Costs to you are the same whether you use regular Amazon or Amazon Smile. With Black Friday and Christmas just around the corner, think how much we could make if everyone signed up (currently 35 are signed up), particularly when more and more shopping is done online. Contact Margaret, group treasurer, for more information.


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