Pre-loved Uniform Information – demo only

The Group has started a Uniform Recycling scheme.

The scheme has a number of objectives:

To provide a cost effective solution for those parents who need an item of uniform for any reason. This could include, for example, someone who has outgrown their current uniform and only has a short time left in their current section, someone who has lost an item of uniform, someone who has torn an item of uniform. Whatever the reason, if we have the required item in the right size, it will be shown on this site with a suggested donation amount.   You can buy it for the suggested donation, pay more, pay less or even pay nothing – your choice. All monies received go into Group funds towards the running of the sections.

We are starting to collect uniform that we can recycle back to anyone in the Group who needs a uniform item or items. Items include Beaver, Cub or Scout tops/shirts,uniform trousers or shorts, Group T-shirts and scarves. We will also recycle hike boots.


If you have any items that are suitable for the scheme, please wash uniform items or clean muddy boots and bring them to your child’s section meeting and see one of the adults there who will take them into the stock.

We are experimenting with the best way of dealing with the advertising and selling of the uniform items and as soon as we have the process in place there will be a link on this page.


In the meantime, please look out surplus uniform / boots and bring them down to the HQ. What you have cluttering up a cupboard may be just what another young person needs and will help group funds at the same time.

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