Our Adults

All Scout groups need adults to enable it to function and our group is no different!

We have a number of different roles and we can always accommodate more.

All of our adults are volunteers who freely give their time. We are not paid for what we do. 

Here are some of the roles within the group:


Scouters, led by the Group Scout Leader (GSL) run the sections – the weekly meetings and external activities such as competition hikes. Each section has a section leader and one or more assistant leaders. Scouters undertake a training programme to enable them to deliver a quality programme to the young people in their charge.There has to be a minimum of one Scouter and an additional adult to run a section meeting. Scouters wear the adult Scouter uniform.

Section Assistants

Section Assistants, as the name suggests, assist in the section and are a much-valued resource within the meeting. Section assistants can wear the uniform if they wish and also do the training, but neither is compulsory. Section assistants cannot run a meeting without a Scouter being present.

Occasional helpers

As the name suggests they help occasionally whenever they have the time.

Committee Members

The Scout Executive Committee, comprising Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and regular committee members Activities include fundraising, looking after the equipment, HQ maintenance,  everything that is needed to ensure that quality Scouting can take place at 1st Burgess Hill.

Anyone in any of the above roles is required to have a valid Scouting DBS check as a condition of taking on the role. This check is at no cost to you and requires about 10 minutes of your time to complete and validate the data.


As parents of someone in the group, you are part of the group and every other year we have a family camp to which you are invited. You can always do more – you will be welcomed into any of the roles above.

Looking for a worthwhile and enjoyable hobby? Why not offer your help, it’s always needed—and enjoy doing something challenging.

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